Assistant Ski Instructor

Job start : December 18, 2019 (Flexible)
Job end : March 31, 2020 (Flexible)
Location :Rusutsu
Key Job Duties:
  • Ensuring The Kids Are Having Fun
  • Picking Kids Up When They Fall Over
  • Greeting Students And Their Families
  • Playing With The Kids

The job is working with young children (usually very young), helping them learn to ski. Kureon Ski School uses their own purpose built course and gear to help the children ease into it.

Using grip-mats that provide friction, children learn to stand in skis and slide down without going too fast. That, mixed with fun and games makes the learning process fun and fear-free.

You’ll work with other Japanese instructors who’ve worked at the school before to take lessons. As well as the necessary help needed in setting up before lessons, packing up after lessons, you’ll meet the children as they arrive for their lessons and help them get prepared (boots, helmets, skis etc). During lessons you’ll have fun with them, picking them up when they fall over, laughing and joking with them etc.

After you’ve done the role for a while you’ll learn the process and take lessons with children yourself. They may be group lessons, or one-on-one.

Past staff at this resort have said the best part of the job is seeing the children arrive scared of skiing, but learning to enjoy it and leaving with huge smiles knowing how to ski. It’s a very rewarding and fun job

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Benefits for staff:
Orientation & Delivery, 24/7 Support, make internation friends, ski for free, improve your Japanese, remuneration, after support