Ski Lift Assistant

Job start : January 3, 2020 (Flexible)
Job end : March 31, 2020 (Flexible)
Location :
Key Job Duties:
  • Helping Guests Get On The Lifts
  • Sweeping Snow Off The Chairs And Up Around The Base Of The Lifts
  • Manning The Emergency Stop Button
  • Greeting Guests With A Friendly Hello

Working Hours: A typical day starts at 7:30am and finishes at 4:30 or 5:00pm.
‘Overtime’ is any work in excess of 10 hours so is not something Lift Assistants will have.

Primary duties include clearing away snow from around the boarding ramp onto the lift. Wiping off snow that has settled on the lift seats as they come down the mountain. Checking customer tickets and clipping if required. Helping customers safely board the lifts; giving verbal instruction to customers who aren’t familiar with riding lifts. Stopping lifts in case of emergency. On snowy days lift seats will need to be regularly cleaned (brushed) before customers sit down. In the event of heavy snowfall, lift paths may need to be cleared. A physically demanding position. At most resorts you will work on a 20-30 minute rotation system where you’ll rotate between the different duties.

NOTE: In general, Japan is still a smoking society. Most lift offices (where you spend about half your working time) have at least a couple of staff who smoke inside. Therefore, if you are sensitive about smoking, it might be best not to apply for a lift job.

Additional Duties: Greeting customers with a nice smile and a friendly ‘hello’.

About SANConsulting
Since 2005, we’ve helped thousands of foreigners secure jobs in the best JAPANESE-owned Ski & Beach resorts around Japan. You can find many Japan resort jobs online, but most are offered by foreign-run businesses. These jobs are fun, but not as culturally immersive. Finding a job in local, Japanese-owned Resorts is harder. This is why we exist: to help you have a TRUE Japanese experience, and make your ENTIRE Japan adventure as easy & fun as possible. Simply apply (for free) on our website, and we'll help you FIND A JOB at one of the many great resorts we represent, PREPARE for your trip, SETTLE IN at your resort, and SUPPORT YOU for your Entire time in Japan.
Why work with us:
You’ll be delivered to your resort, receive an Orientation to prepare you, shown how to Register/update your Address at city hall, and how to Open a Bank Account.
We are always here for you, to ensure you have a fantastic time! We’ll contact you regularly, and you can call or email us anytime before, during, and even after your trip.
You’ll have to work hard, but in your free time, you can swim, ski, or board for free!
Working in a local, Japanese-owned resort is one of the fastest ways to improve your language skills. Surrounded by Japanese friends and co-workers every day, you’ll have lots of time to practice, and make lots of friends too!
Benefits for staff:
Orientation & Delivery, 24/7 Support, make internation friends, ski for free, improve your Japanese, remuneration, after support